Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Waiting for Santa Paws

It is December already, counting down to the Christmas holiday. Looking at the calendar on the wall gives me a twinge of panic. It's the first week of December, but the month seems almost over. It's almost 2014, and Christmas will be here before we know it. I imagine that my doggies wait for Santa Paws. They all get stockings and presents, and thrive on the extra attention. 

I go to a local dog bakery for some special treats. The doggies open their own presents, and for me it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Do you include yours in the celebrations? Do you have holiday routines or traditions with the dogs? Something they have to have?

I sure wish my dogs could help like the guys in this video. (Sorry I couldn't find a version without commercial in the beginning.) Too cute! =)

~ Maria Sadowski


  1. What a pawsome video! We help out, but not that much!

    1. Hehe, my dogs help out too, but mostly with stuff they think is useful. Like, tearing up wrapping paper, or hiding the tape. ;-)