Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stay safe in the dark.

Princess Bonnie modeling
the PupLight.
Dogs see much better in darkness than we do. I have stumbled around on many dog walks, relying on my dog's eyes, because she can see even if I can't. In retrospect that wasn't smart. 

As a pedestrian it's easy to rely on people in cars being able to spot you. Truthfully, when driving, it's difficult to see people - and dogs - walking along the road. I know this when I'm in a car, and forget it the second I'm on foot.

In February this year, I wrote about the PupLight - a flashlight constructed for dogs. Princess Bonnie and I have used this every evening since, and it's a robust and reliable product. I've had to change batteries a couple of times, but that's it.

The light hangs down a bit from an adjustable collar, so it's easily seen. It can also be put on the dog's regular collar.

I like it because it's easy for me and others to see where she is. If it's dark outside I like to put it on even if we just mosey around in the yard. I can't see the black dog in all the darkness, but I can sure see the little light bouncing around.

I've gotten so used to the PupLight I don't really think about it anymore. It's become a part of our evening routine; Bonnie goes to the door and sits down, waiting for me to put on her reflective harness. After the harness, the PupLight comes on, and off we go.

The other day, a car pulled over next to us. The driver rolled down the window and said, "That's a really cool flashlight for your dog. It's so dark here, and I can actually see you." Mission accomplished!

Good investments for staying safe in the dark: doggie flashlight, reflective harness or leash, and a flashlight for yourself.

Have you tried this product, or a light-up harness, leash, or collar? I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts!

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. That is pretty awesome! We need to do something more to light up our pack but we never seem to remember to order something until we are out in the dark.

    1. LOL, sounds like me. I remember that I should buy something when I need whatever it might be, and as soon as I get inside the thought is gone. =)

      I bought the PupLight at a trade show, and once I had that it was easier to remember getting the reflective harness and my own really good flashlight (I got one with rechargeable batteries). These things have made my life much easier. I'm not as worried about being hit by a car, and both Bonnie and I can see where we're going. =D