Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guest blog by Bonnie: being a working dog

I'm on quality control duty. Mom failed: these sliding
tracks are silver and the door is white. And people
think dogs are color blind... Good thing she has me!
Bonnie here, doing a day of work at PlexiDor pet doors! I prefer to be called "Princess Bonnie," but I understand that not all people want to use my full title. 

My mom asked me to come to work with her today, and to write a blog post. Silly human, doesn't she know how hard it is to type when you have paws? She doesn't listen to that. She says, "You're part Border Collie. That's a working breed. Go to work." To be honest, I would just nap all day if I wasn't here, so it's okay. (Dad has tattled on me. He told mom I sleep on her pillows all day when she's not there, so she decided I need more activity.)

I have important tasks to do here. They clearly can't get by without me. Look at the door on the picture. Someone put silver sliding tracks on a white door, how silly!

Anyway, I love people, so I greet anyone coming close to mom's office with happy tail and wiggly butt. She says I'm too big to jump on people, but when she doesn't look I jump anyway. Mom worries that I'll tip someone over. Who is she kidding? All these people are much taller than I.

Mom has no sense of order.
I must help her sort these files.
Since I'm part Border Collie I have a great sense of keeping things in order. I help mom sort her files. If she had it her way payroll papers would be in a folder marked Narnia. You wouldn't believe the weird stuff she does.

Another important task is keeping the trucks away. Both UPS and FedEx come with big trucks, and they remove stuff from the buildings!

They're clearly fire-breathing monsters that must be kept in check, so they don't drive away with all the doors. And even worse, with all the treats!

Mom tries to make sure I don't see the trucks, but if I do, I bark all I can to scare them away. That's the only time she doesn't tell me I'm a good girl, but it doesn't matter. I still know I'm a good girl.

See my pretty pink harness? Mom says I'm an expert at wiggling out of my collar, so she makes me wear this when we're in public. Pfft!

Open them up already! You know I
don't have thumbs.
My favorite products are the Deidre's K9 stuff. The chews are good! Mom won't let me go to the factory, but I know it's close. Sometimes she makes me try shampoo. I like trying chews much better!

Product testing is an important part of my job. I especially like it when it's about treats.

Mom tried to make me go through a doggie door in the office. I know how to use a door, but doing it like this is just silly. It's much easier to go to the side, and I know I'll still get the treat!

Downtime is important too. When mom goes to the coffee maker, I relax with my chewie. Soon I'll take mom for a walk. She sits too much, and going for a lunch-stroll will do her good.

Woofs and wags!
~ Bonnie ~

Downtime is important. Chillin' with the bone.


  1. I like going to work with Mom once in a while, too, but she teaches human puppies, so it doesn't happen all the time, which is fine with me. I don't like to interrupt my daily nap schedule too often!


    1. Thank you for coming over! Bonnie likes her naps too. I know she'd never admit it, but she snuck a couple of naps in under my desk when she was here. ;-)

  2. Katie went to the office for the first five years of her life and really enjoyed it. I did not like it and was pretty much fired because of all my mischief. Mom doesn't like the office much either, so it worked out well for us both that I was fired. Now we work from home most of the time which is ideal for us all.

    1. I bet the office was too quiet for you? Boring? Being fired is no fun, though. Working from home would be awesome. I'm glad it works for you and your mom. =D

  3. I look forward to the day when our dogs can come to work with me. I love taking time off from my day job to work from home. Those are the best times with the dogs.

    1. I love working from home, I wish I could do it every day. (Or bring a dog to work every day, lol.) Maybe some day in the future. =)