Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can I put a dog door through the wall?

PlexiDor with aluminum wall tunnel.
In some cases it might not be feasible to place the pet door in a regular door. While making a hole in a wall might be intimidating, it is both possible and common to put a PlexiDor through a wall.

The PlexiDor wall kit can be used for stud, brick, block, or cement walls. The wall kit comes with an aluminum tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frames.

The bottom tunnel section is sloped to prevent water from entering.

The tunnel won't rust, it has no sharp edges, and it is easy to keep clean.

Remember, the part with the lock and such goes on the inside of the house. (It's easy to look at it and assume it's the outside.)

See those extra holes in the frame below? They're for the steel security plate - either for fastening the plate directly into the frame, or for attaching the sliding track system that allows the security plate to glide smoothly into position.

The PlexiDor as it will look on the
inside of a door or a wall.

There are wall kits available for all size PlexiDors, from the smallest to the electronic. The doors presented on this page all have the silver frame, but they are also available in a durable, baked-on white or bronze finish.

Wall mounted PlexiDor seen from
the outside of the house.

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