Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Will petting a cat really stress it out?

A few days ago, headlines appeared all over saying, "Petting your cat can stress it out." Cat lovers, you can relax. It's fine to pet your cats.

According to National Geographic, there has been a study on stressed cats. That much is true. Unfortunately, the results have been misreported. What the study really says is that if a cat is already anxious of something, you can pick up on that when you stroke it.

These cats aren't stressed because they are being stroked. They're stressed because of something else in their lives, and a twitchy, nervous reaction to being touched might indicate that something is wrong. 

Cats are experts in hiding their feelings, and any clue to something being wrong is valuable.

A cat that spends most of its time hiding might be stressed. A kitty doing that can't relax unless it is in an easily defendable position. 

If you're interested in cats, read more here.

~ Maria Sadowski ~ 


  1. We never heard of petting your cat causing it stress unless the cat was afraid when you started petting it. How silly :)

    1. I agree. Silly. Just shows that people can take anything and turn it and twist it into something else.

  2. Thank you for clarifying that. Too many people see the headlines and never bother to look into what it all really mens

    (btw, do you know you have word verification on your comments?)

    1. Thank you for coming over! What's word verification? (I'm clueless, LOL!)