Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Doggie remote control

Nowadays everything comes with a remote control. Having a TV without a remote is unthinkable, but also stereos, computers, garage ports, and even cars have remotes. So, why not get one for the dog?

According to an article on, a research team in Alabama has shown search and rescue - or other working dogs - can be trained to respond to remote controls giving off tones and vibrations with a 98% obedience accuracy.

Controlling a dog through a smart phone or similar device sounds like pure laziness, but the idea isn't really aimed for people who'd rather stay in the sofa than take Fido for walk.

Dogs are great at finding people, detecting explosives, searching for drugs, and many other important tasks. The dogs are generally smaller, lighter, and more agile than their human handlers, and can go to many places a human might not be able to reach.

The research might also be useful for dogs with impaired hearing, for dogs working in noisy environments, and for service dogs where their human might not be able to communicate.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. I wonder if that would work for Mom to steer me away from squirrels and wabbits...that could be devastating for me!

    1. Interesting. I don't think my dogs would approve, but the squirrels would sure appreciate it! =D