Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cats and dogs

Cuddle like cats and dogs
The English language is filled with idioms related to pets. Like... "Fight like cats and dogs." We clearly assume cats and dogs won't like each other to the point where we think people unable to agree resemble them. 

Many cats and dogs get along just fine. I will even claim that they love each other. 

If you're thinking of introducing a new species to the household, PetFinder has a good article with tips on how to make introductions smooth.

On the same note, a couple of weeks ago, Fox News reported a heart-warming story where a rescued pit bull saved his best friend; the rescued cat.

Two coyotes had gotten hold of the cat. One held her head, and the other the tail. The article reports that the dog fought them off, and kitty could be rushed to the vet. He's still guarding, ready to deal with the coyotes if they return and threaten his best friend again.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Even though we often fight with each other, deep down, the kitties are family and we would protect them. Cats and dogs almost always get along and do actually like each other.

    1. I agree - cats and dogs like each other. I used to have a cat and a dog back in Sweden, they played like crazy, lol. Every time she got bored she'd go poke the dog to make him chase her. XD