Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rapper gone dog-rescuer

While searching for dog news one article has popped up over and over again. I have avoided it, since it's title is too gloomy: "City of Strays; Detroit's Epidemic of 50,000 Abandoned Dogs." Today, I decided to read it.

The beginning was even sadder than I expected. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled Detroit. There are some 90,000 abandoned houses, and up to 50,000 abandoned dogs. The estimate sounds high, but to be honest, no one knows exactly how many there are.

How did this happen? Humans flee the city, and leave their dogs behind. Poverty runs rampant, and people can't afford to feed their pets anymore. Heartbreaking!

Somewhere on the first page, the article turned into a ray of hope. Hip-hop artist Dan Carlisle and TV producer Monica Martino started Detroit Dog Rescue. This too seemed to lead nowhere - until an anonymous donor gave them money. A lot of money.

Carlisle stepped up to the occasion. Together with his bass player, photographer, former body guard, and other friends, he now rescues the dogs of Detroit. The rescue receives about 250 calls every week, and when the article was written, they'd only had to put down one dog. A stunning difference against the other local shelters who keep a euthanasia rate of 70%. 

If you want to know more about this, check out these links:
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  1. You can also contact any of the 15+ other Detroit area animal rescues working just as hard to help save as many Detroit strays (dogs and cats), some of which are mentioned in

    1. Great advice! Thank you for coming over and sharing!