Friday, September 20, 2013

PlexiDors in the blogger world

Working in the pet industry is infinitely rewarding. The highest points of my days are always when we solved someone's problem, or made life easier for someone. 

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Recently, the website featured the PlexiDor small, telling the world how our door helped solve a problem in their multi-pet household. Yay!

The blog post is both funny and informative, and tells the story of how the dogs figured out what hidden goodies the cats left in the litter box. (Yuck! LOL!)

Nowadays, the litter box resides in a closet, where the cats can get to it through the PlexiDor, but the dogs have to stay outside, because they're too big to go through. writes about the PlexiDor on the other side of the spectrum: Extra Large.

She says, "We live in Texas and the heat can be well over 100 degrees several months out of the year and with our old dog door I could feel the money flying right out the door. Every time she would go in or out the flap wore down or would swing several times till it closed, even when it was closed it wasn’t a tight seal."

Problem solved. Read her blog to see the full details of her PlexiDor experience!

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The website has also tried a PlexiDor. They answer a question many customers bring up: can a small pet really use a large door? This is a common concern since many household have dogs and cats, or large dogs as well as small dogs.

They have a medium door, and compared to their Chihuahua it looks gigantic. They write, "Puppy Mister was hopping back and forth through the door in minutes. He is only 4 pounds, so if he is strong enough to get the door open, I am sure that your little fur babies can too. No problem."

Puppy Mister from c have the PlexiDor Electronic. This door is automatic, and it only opens for pets with a key.

This review also focuses on some common questions. Like, "What if the door closes and the dog is still in the opening?" It's a fair and reasonable question. Especially since some dogs used to dog doors like to lie down and look out with their head out the door and their butt still in the room.

They write, "The PlexiDor has a sensor so it knows if there's a dog or something else blocking it. I tested the door with several objects, including my own wrist. It doesn't press down very hard, and if it hits a foreign object more than a few times, it freezes open and beeps like crazy."

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Do you have a pet door? Do you like it? Why, or why not? =)

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. I had one a long time ago, something cheap from the building store. I put in in the door to the laundry room so the cats could get in there to use the litter box and get their food without having to leave the door to the room open all the time. At the time I had four cats, no dogs. Teaching three of the cats to go through took a few days, the other one did not care because he realized food was on the other side, he went right through. These doors are so much nicer, but right now I just don't need one.

    1. Thank you for coming over and sharing!

      It's not always the right place or the right time. If it ever changes, you know where to find us. =)

  2. We have a dog door - a PlexiDor - and WE LOVE IT! It's in a great location and it's in the same condition as it was when we installed it this summer. We love it.

  3. Can't wait until I live in a place where I can have a PlexiDor. I think Kayo would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    1. I bet Kayo would love it. Freedom! From what I hear on your blog, she's a pretty energetic pup. ;-)

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