Thursday, September 19, 2013

Emma the GBGV wrote a book!

Emma from
Emma the GBGV wrote a book. That's no small feat for a dog, but Emma is good at all sorts of things. She runs a B&B for her friends, she bakes, cooks, reads... She has even guest blogged here for our Rare Breed Monday feature. 

Her book is released today, September 19. I haven't read it yet, but her blog is fantastic, so I'm assuming the book will be too. 
The book trailer sure has me curious. How does a dog run a B&B? Is she going to launder the cat? What does Emma's mom think of having a dog cooking in her kitchen?


What in the world is a GBGV? Who is Debucher Baguette, aka Emma the GBGV? Find out as Emma tells all about her breed, and adventures in her own words, barks, and howls. She is a talented writer, currently residing in Minnesota with her furry siblings - Kuvasz sister Katie, kitty brother Bert, and kitty sister Sophie. Emma shares her amusing tales about running a successful B&B for dogs, helping out with housework, being a master chef in the kitchen, her life as a photo model, and many other humorous undertakings. Emma is definitely not your average dog, and her tales are also out of the ordinary!

The book is available as e-book or in print from a number of outlets. Take a look on Amazon!

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing :)

    1. Any time! I bought your book yesterday, but I didn't have time to read all that much. Poor little Emma howling when you were separated from your family! Good thing you came to such a good new home, with your sister and all. =D