Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The PlexiDor Piggie-door, and other adventures in blogger land!

There are many different kind of pets, but I still refer to the larger PlexiDors as dog doors and the small one as a cat door. This is an oversimplification of reality, and a big error in my way of thinking!

The PlexiDor is now a piggie door. There's no reason pet pigs shouldn't have doors - I just never thought about it.

How's the weather outside?
Image from myminipetpig.com
Coccolino from myminipetpig.com has tried one out, and it's working out well. (If other pet pigs have tried PlexiDors I apologize for my ignorance, and I'd love to hear your stories!)

Coccolino's mom writes on the blog, "The Plexidor is safe, sealed so tight that no air could ever get in from the outside while the door is closed, and has a team of customer service that truly cares about and believes in their product. This experience has been so extremely positive and I am grateful to the point that I think Plexidor would be hard pressed to find a happier pet door recipient."

Reading stuff like that makes my day. Truly! I love when we can make someone happy!

I learned a lot about mini pet pigs from reading the blog post. If you're curious about them at all, check out myminipetpig.com, and read the post about the PlexiDor. It is entertaining and covers some aspect I wouldn't have thought about.

Image from rosezellasway.com
Another blog featuring us right now is rosezellasway.com. They tried all sorts of creative solutions, like the cats and dogs using a chair in the living room to get up to the windowsill and outside. The cats were able to get both in and out, but the dogs couldn't figure out how to get back in.

Now they have a PlexiDor, and since the post is titled, "Woo Hoo! A New Plexidor!" I'm assuming it's working well.

The post says, "...none of the precious cooled air is released into the outside. My door sits up off the ground a few inches, so dirt is kept under control. The door is a sheet of shatterproof resistant acrylic, the frame is made of aluminum, and locks by a key very easily."

Rosezellasway.com is an interesting website, by the way. She is a pet psychic. I wonder if it works, and what my dogs would say to her...

Image from carmapoodale.com
I have also seen a blog post about the PlexiDor from Carma Poodale. They don't have their door installed just yet, and I look forward to seeing what they'll have to say about it when it is in use.

Carma says, "I really like the idea that when I am outside being a porch poodle I don't have to come in because ma wants to close the door."

Something about the phrase porch poodle went right to my heart. A porch poodle must be the cutest kind of poodle!

If you have something to share about the PlexiDor I'd love to hear!

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. I have heard hat pigs are extremely intelligent, so I am not surprised they use a door!

    1. I have heard the same thing. Many years ago I saw a TV-program about pigs learning to play video games. I'd love to have a mini pig trot around the house! =D