Monday, August 19, 2013

Rare Breed Monday: Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Today I have the pleasure of handing over the keyboard to Emma from! Welcome Emma, and thank you for helping me out with talking about your breed!

What is a GBGV?

The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen is a medium sized French scent hound. The Grand is for our size (there are four types of Griffon breeds), the Basset is for our short legs (it has nothing to do with a Basset Hound), Griffon is for our type of wiry fur, and Vendéen the area of France my breed originated from. 

Emma from
Our fur can be tan/white, black/white, or tricolor like me. 

GBGV's are pack dogs used to hunt hare, wild boar and deer, I think my personal favorite is hunting wabbits and I am darn good at it too!  The GBGV has also been nicknamed the happy breed since we are really happy dogs no matter what. 

We are confident, strong minded, and are not afraid to do the time if the crime was worth it! We are smart and "can excel" at obedience but usually more when we feel like it. Since we are pack dogs we don't like to be alone. We are happier in homes with multiple pets and/or people. We tend to be big snugglers, very loyal to our humans, and we love to listen to ourselves howl.

We are a rare breed in the USA. Until recently, most of us were imported from Europe. I was born in England. We are not fully recognized by the AKC, and are currently in the FSS category working on getting full recognition as our numbers build. I would guess there are around 100 or so GBGV’s total in the USA right now.

Guest Post by Debucher Baguette, aka Emma the GBGV


  1. HI Emma, great write up - I think when folks see how pretty you are, you will become more common in the US.

  2. Thank you for coming by and telling us about yourself and your breed. I laugh every time I read the line "We are smart and 'can excel' at obedience but usually more when we feel like it."

    Sounds like my dogs. They're really obedient when they feel like it - which normally is when I have a cookie in my hand. LOL!

  3. Love this post! It makes me want a GBGV, because this sounds like an amazing breed! Great post, Emma. Thanks for helping me to learn about another breed :)

  4. What an awesome guest post :) I've met some GBGV's before. They were pretty cool - just like Emma!

  5. Thanks so much for asking me to guest blog! Hopefully a few more humans will learn about my wonderful breed.

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