Thursday, August 15, 2013

PlexiDors in blogger land

I mentioned our blog tour last week - BlogPaws connected us with interested bloggers, who got a door to review. The tour continues through August, and here are some of the past few days' highlights!

The website made an awesome video about their new door and their adventures in doggie-training.


Keep the Tail Wagging made a wonderful article about the door. If you're at all interested in the PlexiDor I recommend reading Kimberly's post. She had the same concerns as most people, and did some fun, hands-on testing.

They've had a burglar come in through their old doggie door, and if that has happened once, security is a main issue. She writes, "Our former door has a plastic cover - push hard on it OR push gently and shift it up and it pops off. You can reach through and unlock the door. I do this all the time when I get locked out. Well, not anymore. We tested this thing like crazy and the house is locked up tight."

Rodrigo was concerned about the PlexiDor.
Photo from
Another question many people pose is, "Is the PlexiDor safe for dogs?" The panels are rigid and swing both ways, and I've met a few people who worry their dog might get stuck. I can give my point of view - the panels swing so easily they don't get stuck or trap the dog - but who believes the manufacturer, right! Getting an unbiased opinion from someone else is much better, and Kimberly's test was a happy surprise for me.

Kimberly writes, "The doors swing in and out, so we were worried that if Rodrigo peaked his head in and them immediately pulled out, he'd get stuck - didn't happen. We tested it on ourselves, on a pillow, and I watched Rodrigo do it many times."

Rodrigo is, by the way, a real cutie-pie! I've only seen him on this photo, but I totally want to pet him!

Last but not least, let me share this image from The doggie in the photos is named Frankie, and he looks so happy it makes me happy!

Frankie tries out his new
PlexiDor freedom.
Photo from


  1. Thanks for sharing our post! I'm happy to say that today, Rodrigo is running in and out of the the doggy door with no issues. Every now and then he tests me and barks outside of it, waiting for me to open it a little for him. I just let him and he goes in (or Daddy comes out and tells him to come in and he comes in - guess who the Alpha is).

    Blue was the first to get it (right away), Sydney followed Blue's lead with a little encouragement of a treat. Rodrigo was our lone hold out and the one I was most worried about. Treats didn't work, just patience and constantly showing him that the doors wouldn't eat him.

    After a couple of weeks (and a thunderstorm), he was coming through the doors like champ. We haven't had one issue with the doors and we couldn't be happier.

    Also, now that we have three dogs and friendly neighbors, burglars just aren't much of a concern.

    1. I'm so happy you and the doggies like the door! Glad to hear Rodrigo is coming around too. He is a cutie-pie in the photos. =D