Thursday, August 8, 2013

PlexiDor bloggin'

The PlexiDor has been seen on some blogs this week, and more will follow. This is made possible through BlogPaws, who connected us with interested bloggers.

Image from
Libby's Library made a fantastic review and video that I would have loved to share here, but I can't figure out how, so visit the page and enjoy "Who let the dogs out!"

Acme Canine wrote about it twice, from the perspective of the dog. It is an entertaining product test! They also made a Pinterest board with images.

Felissa Elfenbein wrote a guest blog for "Two Little Cavaliers" about the PlexiDor. She also made a fun Pinterest board, and this cool video!


  1. If we wanted our own door, we would be in touch but Mom likes to know where we are, so letting ourselves in and out would not work.

    1. I would have loved to have you on the blogger list Emma, but I see your mom's point. If she ever changes her mind, you know where to find me. =)

      For my gang, the boys would do great with a doggie door. They'd stay in the yard without making more mischief than digging a few holes. The girls would see a squirrel and find a way to chase it. They apparently think squirrels are militant and must be stopped, or at least chased off the premises... A 6' fence doesn't suffice to stop them if there's a squirrel on the other side and no human to tell them to stay where they are. LOL!