Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Impressions from BarkWorld

Atlanta, guaranteed zombie free.
This was my first time visiting Atlanta besides the airport. I must say that the TV Show "The Walking Dead" doesn't make it justice; as hard as I looked I couldn't find one single zombie. 

Jokes aside, Georgia greeted us with sunshine and friendly people. The conference took place at the Westin Buckhead. It was a good choice of hotel, and they were prepared to deal with the large number of pets. There were water bowls in strategic locations, and the reception desk held the biggest basket of dog treats I've ever seen. I have to admit I was tempted to take it and run; my dogs would be more than delighted to see something like this!

The hotel welcomed both people and pets

Maya in the PlexiDor booth
My colleague Maya and I set up our booth and went to greet the other brands and bloggers.

The doors on the photo are a medium and a large. Many visitors think they look small compared to the dogs that supposedly fit through them, but remember that the door isn't meant to be installed at floor height. Measure how tall the dog is and install the door at a height where he or she can comfortably step through. Most dogs won't mind lifting their feet over a threshold.

Doors are also available in small and extra large, and accommodate dogs up to 220 lbs. The extra large might have worked for this guy; the large was a bit small...

Someone needs a bigger door!

Norman the Scooter Dog and Rocco Havanese
The first day ended with a mingling event where Norman the Scooter Dog performed an incredible act of riding a scooter and a bike.

Apologies for the video being a bit dark. I had every good intention of tweaking it to making it lighter before posting it on the blog, but the days go by so quickly.

I might have a better version of it in a few days, or might at least cut out the best parts to make it a bit more watch-friendly. For now, I hope it can give some enjoyment as it is. =)

The mingle event also brought the opportunity to say Hi to some bloggers I normally only meet through the computer. Like...

Pepper from pepperpom.com

Carma Poodale from carmapoodale.com

Max and Remy from thedogfiles.com

Gizmo from terriertorrent.com

Keep your eyes on the blog during the week; there will be more posts and photos from BarkWorld 2013!

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Hi Maria!! So nice to have met you at Barkworld!!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    1. Hi Oz! It's so great to meet doggies and their people in real life! I had a good time at BarkWorld, hope you did too. Woofs and wags! =D

  2. Bummer we weren't there, but maybe next year...BlogPaws for sure, though.

    1. Emma there were so many cool doggies, you would have fit right in and made many friends. BlogPaws will be here before you know it. =)

  3. Hi Maria! It was nice visiting with you :) I hope to see you again next year.

    1. So nice meeting you and your mom again, Pepper! Hope to see you soon again.

  4. Hi Maria, Loved meeting you at Barkworld. Thank you for including a photo of me! Happy tail wags

    1. Hi Carma! It was great to meet you in real life, hope to see you at the conferences next year again! =D