Friday, July 26, 2013

The Cat - Human relationship

Did you ever wonder about the concept of Crazy Cat Lady? Why couldn't it be Crazy Cat Man? The University of Vienna has made a study on cats and cat owners, and it turns out that cats are more likely to initiate contact with women, and that cats and females develop closer relationships than cats and men. 

Amongst the findings are:

  • Relationships between cats and their owner mirror human bonds. Especially if the human is a woman.
  • Cats attach to humans, particularly women, as social partners. Not just for the sake of obtaining food. 
  • Cats and owners influence and control each other's behavior. 

There are plenty of male cat lovers too, of course. The study concludes, "A human and a cat can mutually develop complex ritualized interactions that show substantial mutual understanding of each other's inclinations and preferences."

We understand each other pretty well!

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