Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sliding tracks - new accessory

In a perfect world, no one would have to worry about intruders crawling in through a doggie door. In reality, the areas where residents don't bother locking their front door are become rare, and an increasing number of people worry about security.

The PlexiDor comes with lock and key, and when the door is locked, forcing entry is difficult. The panels are shatter resistant and made from the same material as aircraft windshields. It's possible to break them, but it's not easy.

Attaching the security plate
To improve security further, every PlexiDor except for size small comes with a steel security plate.

In its original state, the security plate is fastened on the door through four screws. It's easy, and makes the door virtually impossible to get through.

Some people like to use the security plate every time they leave the house, and in the long run, screwing it to the door can seem like more trouble than it's worth. To make using the security plate easier, there's a new accessory called the Sliding Track system.

The sliding tracks come with all hardware and mounts to the door in minutes. Once they're attached to the interior frame, the security plate slides down the tracks into place.

Sliding track system
with flip lock
A common question is, "If an intruder gets through the panels, won't he be able to push the security plate up?"

The sliding tracks have a flip lock that folds over the upper edge of the security plate and keeps it in place. Sliding the security plate in and locking it only requires a couple of seconds.

The tracks are made of strong, durable aluminum and comes in Silver, White, or Bronze. They are available for door sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

The smallest door does not have a security plate because it's too small for anyone to get through.

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