Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guest blog by Topper GoodBoy - waking up your human.

Mom caught me using the computer. I was just talking to my friend Abby on Facebook, and little did I know this would lead to work. She said, "Hey, if you can type well enough to talk to Abby, you can write a guest blog for me too. I'll give you a cookie!" 

Silly mom. I'm so cute she should just give me cookies. Or bacon. There's too little bacon in our house!

Anyway, I'm Topper GoodBoy. At least I think that's my name. I know my first name is Topper, and I hear the words GoodBoy all the time, so that must be my last name, right? I'm a rescue, and I came to my mom through Ewenity Farms in Florida.

Now when all that is sorted out, I want to share my best tips on waking up a human. This is an important job, and in my house it falls to me because I can jump up on the bed real easy.

I don't know what it is with humans and this urge to sleep in the mornings. I want to cuddle, go out, and have breakfast. In that order. Mom just wants to sleep and sleep and sleep! Seriously, we did that all night!

When I was new to this human-waking thing, I'd try to whine to get mom's attention. That didn't work at all. Then, I tried jumping up in bed and waiting for her to notice me. Major fail.

The best way is to jump up on the bed and poke your human with a paw. If he or she is a deep sleeper you might need to shake them a bit. Pretend you're poking a toy or something. It's fun, and it pays off!

When I poke my mom, she usually wakes up enough to cuddle with me. I let her enjoy my soft fur for a few minutes before moving to the next step: licking. Any part of skin that might stick out under the sheets should be properly licked. This helps humans wake up. If you can get to the face, it's a bonus.

If you have brothers or sisters or even a cat, this is a great time to get help. My brother Boo is really good at whimpering and whining, and I've taught him to start at the same time as I do the face-lick. My sister Bonnie doesn't like to jump up on the bed, it's a bit too high for her, but she'll stand up against it and help me poke or lick mom.

At this point, mommy usually grumbles something like, "It's a good thing I love you," and that means she's grateful for the doggie alarm clock service and ready to get out of bed. While she pulls on a robe and whatever humans need to go outside in the morning, I sneak in a nap on her pillow.

~ Topper GoodBoy

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