Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do You Doga?

Doga image from nytimes.com
The first time someone asked if I've tried Doga, I said, "Uuuuh...?"

Had I done the what-and-the-what?

I still haven't tried, but I've studied up. Doga is Yoga with dogs. It combines massage and mediation with stretching for both dogs and humans. There are classes where people and pooches can meet up and do it together, or video classes to get into the Dojo, I mean Doga, at home.

According to the New York Times, the underlying philosophy of Doga is that dogs are pack animals, and thus a perfect match for yoga's emphasis on union and connection with other beings.

It makes sense. I think my doggies would be more interested in checking out the other dogs and people than doing exercises with me, but I still like the idea. I don't go for walks by myself because it feels silly, but I walk just fine with my dogs every day. Maybe the same principle is true for other forms of exercise. I don't do Yoga because I'm lazy and it's easier to stay at home. If I were to do it together with a dog, it might actually happen.

Have you tried? Did your dog like it?

~ Maria Sadowski

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