Friday, June 7, 2013

Seen in the news: airport stress-reduction dogs

Traveling can be stressful, but according to Yahoo news, the Los Angeles International Airport has a new way of battling fatigue and annoyance. How? Through 30 therapy dogs roaming the halls, alleviating stress in weary passengers.

Photo from Associated Press/Damian Doverganes
The dogs wear bandanas or vests so people can find them, and amongst the workers are a Dalmatian, a Lab-pointer mix, and an Irish wolfhound.

To be considered for the program, the dogs must be healthy, skilled, stable, well-mannered, and able to work on a slack 4-foot leash. They have to be comfortable with crowds, sounds, and smells, and they go through security just like all the other workers.

Miami has joined in with a golden retriever, who is so popular she has her own website, fan mail, business cards, and a role on a weekly reality show on the Travel Channel.

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