Monday, June 24, 2013

Rare breed Monday: Kromfohrlander

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The Kromfohrlander originated in Germany and is used as a companion dog. It is a German breed, developed after World War II, and it is the only breed descended from a military troop mascot.

The Kromfohrlander Club of America says the foundation dog - Peter - was found in northern France by American soldiers. They picked him up and he served as a "Morale Builder First Class" mascot during the liberation of France. The battles were too much for little Peter and he deserted his post and ended up in enemy hands. Ilsa Shleifenbaum rescued him, and bred him with a black and white Fox Terrier named Fifi.

Ilse wanted to create a quality companion breed that would have good temperament, good health, and a long life. According to the AKC, she succeeded. They describe the Kromfohrlander as good with children and family, attached to its owner, intelligent and funny, and with a life span of 17-18 years.

They have virtually no hunting instinct, but will alert to strangers. These dogs love to climb and jump, and excel at agility and dog trick training.


  1. Oh they are so cute! Their name is quite the mouthful though.

    1. I was so sure I wrote a reply to you yesterday. Maybe the computer ate it, because I can't have missed clicking the button... *cough* LOL

      One of my colleagues went to a dog show the other week and came back talking about the super cute Kromfohrlander. I said, "The Cromeforwhat?" Then, I had to look them up. They are so cute! =D

  2. That would be my Felix! I am the head of the Kromfohrlander Club of America. Felix is the first show dog. #2 is Hummer, who will be seen out in the shows starting next year. There have been 10 Kromis in North America thus far. It is really difficult to get one.

    1. Only ten in North America? Sounds like Deidre was fortunate getting to see one. They look very perky and happy. =)

      Thank you for coming over and sharing! =D