Monday, June 3, 2013

Rare Breed Monday: Azawakh

Azawakh image from
The Azawakh is a beautiful dog stemming from the Tuareg nomads in Africa. It comes from the Sahelian desert area, which touches Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The dogs are also called "Aidi n'Ailluli" which means, "Noble dogs of the Free People." 

The Azawakh is traditionally considered a full member of the family. It is extremely loyal and affectionate to its humans, and can be protective to the extreme. The website points out the Azawakh must live indoors with the family, and that their bonds with their humans grows so tight they're difficult to re-home. Getting any dog should be a commitment for life, and it's truer than ever with the Azawakh.

They love to run, and they're both proud and independent. With positive training, they learn quickly and easily. Be firm, fair, and provide motivation. Harsh treatment or punishment based training will not work well.

These dogs come from the desert and don't like cold or wet conditions. They will, however, happily run in weather over 100 degrees F.

Read more about the Azawakh at and at the AKC.


  1. They'd certainly do great here in Texas then!

  2. Yeah, they'd probably like Texas and Arizona... Not many dogs enjoy running in desert heat, LOL