Friday, June 28, 2013

Great deal on a safety gate!

If you need to keep dogs or children away from a certain area of the house, or need to separate them, have a great opportunity. All gates have to leave the building to make room for more dog doors! 

For more information, call 800-749-9609 and snatch one up. The price is good as long as inventory lasts; first come, first serve!

You can also order online, on, and use the code GATE while checking out. For online orders inventory cannot be guaranteed, so it's safest to call.


  1. They are wonderful! We have one that we use sometimes if we need to be contained, and we don't jump over. Lots of dogs jump over which is a problem. If we needed one, this would be a great opportunity!

  2. Thank you, Emma! You're a good girl not jumping over. My foster dog jumps it as if it's not even there, she's a bit too agile for her own good. ;-) All my other doggies stay on the appropriate side.