Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tagg, the pet tracker

Tagg's booth at BlogPaws
Do you ever worry about your pets going walkabout? Stuff happens. Dogs jump fences and dig tunnels, visitors forget to close the door properly, and occasionally leashes break.

At the BlogPaws conference, Tagg had a table introducing the pet tracker. This is a GPS device to be attached to a pet's collar.

The device itself is small, and the software is smart. One can program a safe zone where the pet usually spends time - like the back yard - and receive an alarm if the pet ever leaves the safe zone. The software can also keep track of a pet's movement, making sure doggies and kitties get enough exercise during the day.

The device is water proof and can be worn virtually anywhere. I haven't tried the system yet, but I like the idea and the looks of it. To read more, visit!

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