Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BlogPaws: The door prize was a door

A glimpse of the vendor exhibit hall at BlogPaws 2013.
Last week, a friendly Sheraton hotel opened its doors to welcome the 2013 BlogPaws Conference. The conference was sold out, and the hotel was crammed full with people, dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, you name it. For a pet lover, it was an amazing experience.

PlexiDor had a booth, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to come meet so many of my online friends.

A downside with only knowing people online is that it's hard to recognize them in real life. Many bloggers use their pet's image, and many twitter accounts have a logo or a pet avatar. Some solved the problem through carrying cardboard images of their pets. I attempted to read as many badges as possible so I wouldn't accidentally miss talking to someone, but I've still messed up who is who in my head.

Robert and Maya working on the booth
I attempted to assist with putting up the booth, but to be honest, I don't think I helped much. I put the door-holders together upside down...
Eventually, it took shape, and we were ready.

In my experience, it's rare to find a hotel brimming with animals. I loved hearing a dog bark every now and then, and meeting all sorts of animals sure made every day a good day!

They were in unexpected places too. It's not every day you see this sight when entering a restroom!


Even the signs were adorable. No matter how preoccupied you are, a paw pointing towards "nom nom" makes the message clear. The floors were marked with paw prints showing the way to the exhibit hall and other things.

Robert and Maya discussing pet doors with
Marie Pickard, winner of a PlexiDor.
We had a raffle; one lucky winner would get the PlexiDor of their choice.

The speaker called out the first name, and I didn't recognize it. One had to be present to win, so a few minutes ticked by and the speaker called out a new name. This person wasn't there either. At the fourth try, they called out the name "Marie Pickard."

Marie had been past the booth several times, looking at the doors. She has Great Danes, and would definitely need an extra large door. It's great to have a giveaway when the person who wins is happy to win, and Marie's smile and enthusiasm made the day for all of us!

Marie checking out the extra large PlexiDor
with Maya and Robert.

I too returned home with treasure in the form of a suitcase filled with doggie goodies and new products.  A definite highlight of my visit was meeting Dino Dogan, the founder of Triberr. He was fantastic, and I returned to the booth slightly star struck. I will talk more about BlogPaws and the fantastic people, pets, and companies I met during the upcoming week.

~ Maria Sadowski


  1. How awesome for Marie! Her name does sound familiar... I've always been able to identify people by their pets too lol.

    1. I'm good at remembering pets and pets' names, and horrible at recognizing humans. Guess it shows how my mind is wired, LOL! I'm so happy Marie won; it's great when someone wants who really wants it. =D

  2. Mom said it was pawsome to meet you but unfortunately she only had my likeness mounted on a board with her. The conference was a great experience and she learned so much. Maybe I will get to go to Vegas and can meet you there!

    1. Emma, it would be great to see you in Vegas! You're such a clever girl you'd have a fantastic time. =)

  3. I was at BlogPaws and somehow missed the whole giveaway, but I'm glad Marie won a door for her Great Danes! I don't think a dog door would work for us anyway--Riley would spend all her time in the backyard barking!! So maybe it's a good thing I didn't win--haha! :)

    I did stop by your booth though and the doors looked so nice! I'm going to Vegas next year so I hope to see you all there again! :)

    Elyse and Riley