Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sliding track system helps keep the home secure.

The PlexiDor security plate is
virtually impossible to get through.
Security is a concern for every home owner, and some people worry about making a new opening in a door or a wall. The PlexiDor comes with lock and key, and with a steel security plate that can be attached when leaving the home.

Normally, the steel security plate is screwed onto the PlexiDor aluminum frame. It's easy to do, but for those who want to use the plate every day, there's now a helpful accessory.

The Sliding Track system makes attaching the security plate a breeze. The tracks are attached to the interior frame, and the security plate slides down the track into place. The system comes with all hardware, and mounts in minutes.

With the sliding track system,
the PlexiDor security plate
is attached within seconds.

Once the plate is slid into place, a flip lock at the top ensures that the plate stays down where it's supposed to.

The tracks are made of strong, durable aluminum and comes in Silver, White, or Bronze. They are available for door sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large.


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