Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dog poem by Christy Elkins

Today, I have the pleasure to share a dog poem written by fantastic author Christy Elkins. Her novel Parallel is one of my personal favorites, and I'm delighted to share her thoughts on pets with you.

Have you ever had a friend
Who'd stand by you through thick and thin?
Eager and easy to please
Never making demands or pleas?
Whose love and devotion was intently true,
Holding a special bond, for only you?
Have you ever met another who no matter the situation
Greeted you with gratitude and complete adoration?
A spirited being with soulful eyes
Who knew your laughter
As well as your cries?
A child entrusted in your care
Even though they have four legs and are covered in hair
A pet is a gift full of affection
Flawless love offering faithful perfection

Friends for life =)


  1. Thank you Emma! I love the way Christy captured the essense of doggie. I mean, this is just the way dogs are: "Flawless love offering faithful perfection" =D