Friday, March 8, 2013

Pet door sizes

The other day, the blog featured a post about finding the right pet door size. After getting some feedback on that, I think I need to explain a little better.

The PlexiDor shouldn't be mounted
flush with the floor.
The door does not need to be as tall as the pet. It has to be wide enough to let the pet through, of course, but it doesn't have to be as tall as the pet. 

Why? I don't expect the dogs to crouch to get through, do I? Not at all. Check out the image to the right of a Collie standing in a door. The door isn't flush with the floor. It could be, but you want a small hole to keep weather outside.

Generally, the pets duck their heads a little while going through the door, and they lift their feet to step over the threshold. Thus, if you measure your pet and think, "Oh no, there's no door tall enough for my dog" it will probably still work.

If you have larger and smaller pets together, the panels on the PlexiDor swing so easily smaller dogs and cats can usually open even large doors without problems.

To make sizing easier, we have put together a convenient sizing chart, see below. Some breeds have great variations in size, of course, so see the breed examples as general guidelines.

Visit the Plexidor website for more information on the different doors and sizes. The website also holds a convenient dealer locator

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