Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creepy crawly... crickets?

Armstrong's Crickets at Global Pet Expo
One of the booths at Global Pet Expo that left the most long lasting expression was Armstrong's Crickets. Their exhibit both crawled and chirped!

The crickets are used as food for various pets, such as lizards, and they are bought live. Seeing this display kind of made me want a little cricket farm! Nothing big scale, just a little desktop thing. Guess a few crickets can turn into many in a short period of time, though...

Besides live crickets and mealworms, the booth also boasted chocolate covered crickets, and cricket lollipops. I wouldn't eat one, but I'm a vegetarian, so my taste is probably a moot point...

Cricket lollipop

The booth also showed crickets in different life stages, from tiny to rather big. My incredibly brave colleague Maya got in close contact with them.

I have to admit I'm kind of afraid of bugs, but these were cute. They didn't exactly like sitting on a person, but they were good sports for the photo opportunity!


  1. I used to have a lizard that ate these. I've never tried one personally lol.

    1. I bet lizards love them, but I don't want to eat them, LOL! They're kinda cute, in a "buggy" way.

  2. I think you're now ready for "Fear Factor" the TV Show ; )

    1. Oh, eeewww! I could handle a lot of what they do on Fear Factor, but not the eating icky stuff. That's just... No. LOL.