Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Global Pet Expo

Bone-shaped, biodegradable
packing material
Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the 2013 Global Pet Expo. This is the pet industry's largest annual trade show and I knew it was going to be big. I didn't understand how big. There were nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 65 countries introducing everything from bone-shaped packing material to crickets! 

The bone-shaped packing material fascinated me; what a sweet gesture if someone buys a present for a dog lover!

We had a booth, of course, showing the PlexiDor pet doors, the electronic door, as well as the security plate. I know I'm biased, but I love the backdrop with all the dogs!

PlexiDor's booth at Global Pet Expo 2013.
The door to the far right on the photo is electronic, and the black portion goes up and down like a garage door. It's sturdy; you can hit it with a baseball bat without causing any damage to the door. It wouldn't be a pleasant experience though, because the bat would bounce back...

There were many new and fascinating products, and I caught the opportunity to get samples of some of them.

Keep your eyes on the blog during the week; we will post some reviews and spotlights as our office dogs get to try everything.

Pet brush with retractable bristles.
I already have some personal favorites, like the Warm Ups - my dogs tried one last night, and thought it was the best thing ever.

Other personal favorites are a self-cleaning retractable brush from the Idea Factory. The bristles disappear inside the brush with the click of a button, making the brush easy to clean and store.

Antler dog chews.
I also love the Wild Chews from Double E Pet Products. Antlers make great dog chews because they're healthy, give clean teeth, last pretty well even for intense chewers, and generally don't upset the dogs' stomachs like rawhide and other products can.

More information and photos of all these things will be on the blog during the week.

These overview images don't make the show justice, but at least it gives a hint to the size.

Now when I know what to expect, I'm already looking forward to the 2014 Global Pet Expo!


  1. It looks so amazing! You are so lucky to have been able to attend!

    1. It was a fantastic experience! So much cool stuff I didn't know existed. :-)

  2. Visiting the show was an amazing experience...sorry i didn't get to meet up with you there but maybe next year

    1. I would have loved to meet you! Maybe next year! (Now when I know what I'm getting into I'll have to plan a little better.)